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Zuckerberg before a fistfight with Musk: ‘He doesn’t mean it’

Zuckerberg before a fistfight with Musk: ‘He doesn’t mean it’

“I think we can all agree that Elon is not serious,” Zuckerberg wrote on Sunday (local time) on the online thread service. It’s time to focus on other things.

Zuckerberg confirmed that he suggested a specific date for Musk. And the head of the UFC martial arts organization, Dana White, offered to organize an official match. “Elon didn’t confirm the appointment, then said he needed an operation and now instead suggests a training session in my garden,” he gushed. If Musk wants to get serious about a specific date and official event, Zuckerberg added, “he knows how to get to me.” Until then, he will compete with people who “take sports seriously.”

Musk then claimed on his online platform X (formerly Twitter) that Zuckerberg was a “coward”. In a screenshot from a chat exchange between two tech billionaires, Musk gave the impression that after the training show, Musk also suggested that the actual fight take place in Zuckerberg’s garden on Monday.

Find an “epic place” in Italy

Zuckerberg, 39, trains with martial arts experts and is visibly fitter than Musk, 52. The possibility of a fight first surfaced in June. It was Musk who challenged Zuckerberg, and he immediately agreed. After that, the founder of Facebook has repeatedly emphasized that he is indeed ready to fight, but Musk has not agreed to any proposed date.

Meanwhile, Musk, the CEO of Tesla, wrote on Friday that he needed surgery for a problem in his right shoulder, from which he would need several months to recover. At the same time he claimed that the fight should take place against a historical background in Italy. He spoke to Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano and they promised an “epic place”. Sangioliano made it clear shortly thereafter that it would not be Roma.


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