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Was Baku the breakthrough for Verstappen?

Was Baku the breakthrough for Verstappen?

8:14 a.m

Magnussen was subsequently punished

Small addition from yesterday: Kevin Magnussen received a ten-second post-race penalty for leaving more than ten cars space behind the safety car in front of him before the restart. You know, this is not allowed.

According to the stewards, Magnussen did this in order to warm up his tires better and thus gain the advantage. In rating, it dropped from P14 to P16 due to punishment. So it doesn’t change much, he was just off the points anyway.

Here is the literal text of the race hosts logic:

“When the cars left the pit lane when the race restarted after the red flag, Magnussen was the last car in line. Several times over the two laps he fell behind the safety car more than the required 10 car lengths, sometimes going back 260-270m and then sprinting forward, all in an effort to warm up his tyres.”

“This is not permitted under Article 58.8 of the FIA ​​Formula One (SR) Sporting Regulations and is clearly done in order to gain an advantage in tire temperature.”

Previously during Safety Car procedures, drivers were awarded penalty points for failing to follow a distance of ten cars behind each other during the Safety Car. However, this was during Safety Car procedures when the marshals and rescue personnel were on the correct lane and the penalty was handed out under Rule 55.7 of the SAR, and it’s considered dangerous, and that’s the reason for the penalty points.”

“This incident occurred during the restart of the race, and although there were sporting consequences, there was no doubt that this matter was serious, and therefore the stewards do not award any penalty points.”

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7:39 a.m

Race week!

Hello and welcome to the new edition of the Formula 1 newsfeed. The race in Zandvoort is only a few hours away when the 1st class is already on its way to the next Grand Prix in Monza.

So we don’t want to waste any time and get started right away, because we have a lot of plans today! We want to look at Zandvoort, we want to look at Monza and, of course, provide you with all the other important news from the world of Formula 1.

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Here you can read our tape from yesterday!

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