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Take-off maneuvers are planned in the inclined curve

Take-off maneuvers are planned in the inclined curve

( – Fernando Alonso revealed after the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix that he used an overtaking maneuver that made race drivers’ hearts beat faster on the first lap by Servus TV– Expert Matthias Lauda has already practiced free training.

Fernando Alonso had already practiced his maneuver on the steep curve during training

The two-time world champion was lined up at Zandvoort with his Aston Martin in fifth on the grid when it rained just in time for the start of the race and the entire field was outfitted with Pirelli slicks.

Alonso, who finished second in the race behind Max Verstappen, passed compatriot Carlos Sainz on the outside of Turn 2 before diving to the inside of Turn 3, a cornering corner that was the talk of the weekend as being particularly difficult.

As Mercedes driver George Russell and Williams driver Alex Albon opted for a drier line going into the corner, Alonso pulled back to take third place at the start behind Lando Norris. Later he caught Norris alone.

Now Alonso says his inspiration for his double overtake came from the tests in Friday practice: “It was FT1 or FT2, it was wet and on one of the outside laps I let two cars pull away on the normal racing line and found a lot of control on the inside by letting people go.”

“So I’ve been thinking all weekend that it might be wet. I was ready to try again and to be honest when we were on the grid and the red lights came on to start the race, there were a lot of problems.” It drips on the brow.”

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“It’s the worst feeling you can have because you’re ready to start the race on slicks and you see on the visor that it’s raining. So you have no idea how well you hold under the brakes in Corner 1 or Turn 3.”

Analysis Race: Rain Mayhem in Zandvoort!

Why didn’t Alonso risk everything in the thrilling finale against Verstappen? One of the many questions about the insane mayhem of the Grand Prix in the Netherlands.

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Alonso says he expected that on the first lap in the rain everyone would drive carefully through the curve, especially since the top of the corner was surrounded by tarmac advertising banners, providing particularly little grip in the wet.

This enabled him to achieve the overtaking he believes deserves the title ‘Overtake of the Month’: “I thought everyone was going to be a little bit careful at Turn 3 in terms of grip. And also, there’s paint just before Turn 3, so you’re there, you have to be a little careful.” .”

He joked: “So I thought the inside line might work and yeah we passed those two cars. That should definitely be the overtake of the month. I hope so!”