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WAYWARD SONS - Settling the score

WAYWARD SONS – Settling the score

LITTLE ANGELS’ successors follow up on mastermind Toby Gibson and follow up on their 2021 album “Even Up The Score” with an EP titled “Score Settled.” The roughly 25-minute segment features three songs for the willing fan, which were created during the recording sessions for the last album, and there are also three tracks, which were only “Personally” available on vinyl or floppy disks until now (it’s still there???) were available. In addition, you can listen to an additional Japanese song, “Backslide”, which was recorded live in the studio.

The three new tracks “Beaten To The Punch”, “Can’t Take It Anymore” and “Real Go-Getta” are all fast rock, which is nothing but unreleasable material. On the contrary – no discarded goods were found. Also it would have deserved a place on a “regular” album rather than a “just” EP.

A slightly sinister “Ready Heart” is just as fun as “radio denial” and the national anthem “totally screwed up”. The “slide back” drops just a bit.

Although all the songs are pretty much of the same style, they are all of high quality.

If I understand correctly, the EP is only available in very small numbers via the band’s website (“sold out already”) or the official Frontiers Store. This leaves the option of an ugly alternative online. Anyway, the songs are worth it. class band.

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