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“We are advancing on all fronts”

“We are advancing on all fronts”

The Kiev counteroffensive is making slow but sure progress in several places. The impact of the mercenary revolt over the weekend on the morale of the Russian forces there remains to be seen

In February, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president, prime minister and current deputy head of the National Security Council, warned emphatically of “the collapse of Russia” if the “special military operation” in Ukraine was not won. Now Belarusian despot Alexander Lukashenko has joined them with ominous omen: At the medal-giving ceremony on Tuesday, he said that the weekend’s Wagner mercenary revolt had put Russia in existential danger — and that this continues: Russia could collapse. And: “If Russia collapses, we will be left in ruins, and we will all perish.”

Three weeks after the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, there are still no signs of collapse, at least on the Russian front. But it is not a big attack. However, the raids by the Ukrainians had clearly expanded in several places, and the Russian advance had been “smoothed out” in some places—and only in the flooded area of ​​the Dnipro near Cherson as a result of the breach of the dam at Nowa Kakhovka on June 6, there are indications of that the infantry had erected the first small bridge on the eastern bank near Oleschky and the end of the Antonowski Bridge there.

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