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"We are no longer a photo app"

“We are no longer a photo app”

The head of Instagram wants the videos to stand out more on the platform.

Adam Mosseri He is president Instagram. In a series of comments, he talked about how to reorganize the platform.

“We are no longer a photo-sharing app or a square-shaped photo-sharing app,” he said in one of the videos. This is why Instagram will change in the coming weeks.

TikTok and YouTube are Instagram’s biggest competitors

Mosseri also reveals in his comment why Instagram has not turned into a photo app. Users come to Instagram for entertainment. He also comments on who Instagram’s competitors are when it comes to entertainment: “tik tok enormous, Youtube Bigger and there are many emerging platforms.”

You have to stay competitive and “that means change,” Mosseri says. This change means a stronger focus on videos and here in particular rollers – The function Instagram uses to copy TikTok.

Videos are featured more

So videos and reels are more prominent. Mosseri has a tagline: “Full Screen, Immersive, Entertaining, Mobile First”. The first tests will be rolled out in the next few weeks. Recommended Content is already displayed in users’ feeds. Instead of pictures, more reels will show you here in the future. It is conceivable that in the future such recommended reels will be displayed in full screen when scrolling through the feed.

Mosseri is also announcing changes to Instagram’s shopping feature, messaging and options for creators, i.e. users* who create content. But he did not give any details. Based on his advertisement, it is expected that content creators will be able to monetize videos more easily in the future, for example, getting paid for views and/or showing ads like YouTube.

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The Instagram community doesn’t like Mosseri’s ad

Mosseri’s ads are not well received by the Instagram community. People who have been around for a long time are complaining that the spirit of Instagram is finally being destroyed. Instagram is now more than TikTok and will be interchangeable with it. Anyone who likes TikTok is already on TikTok and not Instagram.

They also complain that Instagram has already started giving preference to reels in the past. This algorithm automatically shows users more than images, for example. If videos and reels now come to the fore, creators who focus on high-quality images will have no chance of seeing their content and being found by new users.