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Weber should allow third party spare parts for grills

Weber should allow third party spare parts for grills

who in United State grill from My Weber Greeted with a warning message: “Using and/or installing non-Weber genuine parts on your Weber product will void the warranty.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) I have now decided that this course of action by the company is not permitted. that reports the edge.

Weber must allow third party replacement parts for its grills. Even if you install these parts yourself, the product is still under warranty. But not only that: Whipper should now be his too Modify warranty terms within 90 days and proactively inform its customers, for example by post, email, website and apps, that the warranty does not expire even if customers install spare parts from third parties.

10 year voluntary warranty

Weber barbecues are also very popular in Austria. In Weber’s European Warranty Statement, Which also applies in Austria This sentence has not been installed at least recently. Weber guarantees buyers a A “voluntary guarantee” of up to 10 years. Until then, grills should be free from material and workmanship defects.

In Austria, there have already been similar problems with the “right to repair” in car data. Many car owners have to be upset when they bring their car to the nearest workshop and cannot immediately read the car data.

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