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Weiner planted the car keys.

Weiner planted the car keys.

A fifth chip has now been implanted in a man from Vienna. The latest one serves as a car key.

From now on, Viennese businessman Tom Urbanek no longer needs ATM cards or apartment keys. Instead, according to ORF, several chips have been implanted in his hand to take over these functions and replace traditional keys and cards. The technology allows him to access doors and other systems without having to carry physical keys. The latest fifth chip functions as a car key.

More jobs

Urbanek now uses a two-and-a-half-inch chip implanted in his hand to unlock his car without the previous key card. However, the chip can also hold different cryptocurrencies, such as storing contacts, links or cryptocurrencies, as he revealed to ORF: “But I can also have cryptocurrencies stored on it.”

Each chip costs around €300. The implant, performed by a so-called “body modification artist,” took around 30 minutes. Urbanek now has five chips in his hands: “I can use my chips to pay, open doors, control alarm systems and store my gym card on them.” In X-ray images, the chip is clearly visible between his thumb and index finger.

“No active power source”

Inspired by a customer, security expert Urbanek took the innovative step. Concerns about tracking or loss of autonomy are countered by pointing out the passive nature of the chips: “No, definitely not, because they don’t have an active power source.”

Mixed reactions

However, Urbanek’s implanted chips are eliciting mixed reactions. He amuses himself by confusing cashiers in stores: “I pay by hand,” he announces, followed by a brief discussion and clarification: “I just do things differently with the card, and in the end, people are amazed by the possibilities of technology.” Urbanek himself leaves it open as to whether the fifth chip will be his last.

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