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Rumor Mill – Is McDonald's Construction in Ganserndorf Starting Now?

Rumor Mill – Is McDonald's Construction in Ganserndorf Starting Now?

As NÖN reports, this idea has been around since last year. Roland Kraft, the owner of the former metal shop next to OBI, wanted to sell his property to McDonald's. However, his plans were thwarted by Masoud Harman, who ran a kebab stand in the locksmith's parking lot. He believes that his lease is still valid. Kraft, in turn, believes that the lease is outdated due to the closure of the blacksmith shop. There has been a dispute in court since then.

Is there a decision now? Can Kraft sell the property? “No, unfortunately not,” explains the retired businessman in an interview with NÖN: “Many proceedings are still ongoing. My lawyer expects a verdict in six months. Until then, everything is up in the air, so the rumours are not true? “People talk a lot. I have no idea how this will come to pass. I have already heard that it is not a McDonald's but a Burger King that will be built near me.

According to the plans, access to the McDonald's branch will be via the adjacent OBI parking lot.


The fact is that Kraft still wants to sell to McDonald's. But the legal dispute must first be resolved. McDonald's spokesman Wilhelm Baldea also confirmed this to NÖN: “We are still interested in the site in question. We have a plan ready, but no date has been set for the start of construction yet. Once the legal dispute has been resolved, we can present our project. But that will not be before 2025 at the earliest.”

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By the way: Access to the McDonald's branch will be via the OBI parking lot. It will not be possible to create a separate turning lane from B8 to Big Mac and Co. from a traffic perspective.