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Serie A: Juventus overturns Inter Milan in the Italian derby - football - international

Serie A: Juventus overturns Inter Milan in the Italian derby – football – international

In the last match of the 13th round of the Italian Serie A, the clubs Inter Milan and Juventus Turin meet in the “Derby of Italy”. Torino came out on top and won the match that had been tight for a long time 2-0.

The game starts out very evenly, with both teams chasing each other instead of making offensive moves.

The first excitement, which now played almost 20 minutes, was caused by a defensive player of all people. After a cross from Kostik, Bremen, who moved upwards, got the ball with a shot, but shot wide from close range.

Dzeko almost gave Inter the lead after 25 minutes: the Bosnian headed home from a five-corner kick and the ball went wide of the left post. The Milanese are still the most active team after that.

Just before the break, Dumfries is right after a low cross, but sends the ball over the goal. Moments later, Acerbie’s skewed shot missed the target. Then he goes to the cabins.

Rabio and Fagioli make Juventus happy

After changing sides, the image changes. A little more than five minutes went into the second half when Juventus took the lead. Kostik advances to the left and a flat shot to Rabiot in the middle, who hits the far corner with a feel of -1:0.

In the 63rd minute, the “old lady” is supposed to extend its lead. Kostic takes a corner in the direction of the penalty point, and Danilo lunges up and maneuvers the whip into the net. Moments later, the VAR notified and penalized for a handball by the scorer at the end, it remained 1-0.

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After 73 minutes of play, Federico Chiesa, who had been injured for a long time, celebrated his return to the league. The Italian comes to Melek. During the week, the European champions are back against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

Martinez almost equalized for Inter soon after, but Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny scored in a one-on-one match. Practically in contrast, the very powerful Kostic withdraws from a distance of 16 meters after the attack, but fails to the column.

However, five minutes before the end, Fagioli closes the bag. The young star is used by Kostik in the penalty area and beats Onana to make it 2-0.

Both teams gave nothing until the final whistle, but Allegri Elf took a 2-0 lead over time. Juventus can catch up with the top teams and is now fifth with 25 points. Inter slipped off the international starting positions and found themselves in seventh by one point.