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Wettsingen - The new Starmania season begins at the beginning of March on ORF

Wettsingen – The new Starmania season begins at the beginning of March on ORF

The ORF 1 cast of “Starmania” is kicking off a new season at the beginning of March. Starting March 4, every Friday at 8:15 p.m., talented singers will compete to win nine copies. ORF announced in a broadcast that anyone who wants to compete now has the opportunity to apply. It doesn’t matter if you’re still an “uncut diamond in the rough” or already working as a musician professionally. However, the prerequisite is a minimum age of 15 years (reference date March 1, 2022).

Here are the “Starmania 22” applications To provide. After an individual initial selection by the editorial team, some of the most promising applicants will be invited to a personal selection, with a jury of experts assessing their vocal skills. ORF won’t announce details about the show until the fall. Rumor has it that the starting range could be reduced from the last 64 talents in ‘Starmania 21’ to 48 in ‘Starmania 22’. He also says in the room that the entire jury will be replaced. The broker Arabella Kessbauer must remain constant.

Nostalgic chat with celebrities

Starting tomorrow Wednesday, the ranking show “My Big 10” will be new to ORF 1. Caroline Athanasiades and Gerald Fleischer will welcome distinguished guests at 9.10pm to chat with them about the very personal top ten on a specific topic. At first, former skateboarding star and co-commentator Hans Knaus comes along and talks about his personal champions in the sport. In other episodes, the focus is on Austropop-One-Hit-Wonder, Polit-Hoppalas, or celebrity moments. (Abba)