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Kultorsommer is already planning for next year

Kultorsommer is already planning for next year


So far more than 8000 people have visited the second “Wiener Neustadt Cultural Summer”. This started from the beginning of July and ends on the 11th of September. The city is already planning another cultural summer for next year.

More than 70 music, film and theater events were on program at this year’s cultural summer in Wiener Neustadt. The last events will take place in the next few days, on Saturday the Wiener Neustädter Kultursommer will end. Mayor Klaus Schneeberger (ÖVP) struck a positive balance with city councilor for culture Franz Beribauer on Monday: More than 8,000 visitors were counted this year.

“The cultural summer in Wiener Neustadt is a classic example of ‘virtue making out of necessity,’” Schneeberger said. “And after the first wave of the coronavirus, the 2020 series of events was staged in a very short time. For the second edition this summer, they waited for the ‘dramatically expanded show’. “.

“The city center has blossomed, people have been able to enjoy high-quality cultural performances in a great atmosphere, regional artists have been given the stage, and we have once again set very important accents and motives for our city center,” Schneeberger said.

Outdoor cinema, concerts, musicals and theater

“After the long shutdown in the spring, it was critical again to set the city’s cultural accent – ​​important for local artists, important for the local economy and inner city merchants, but also important for the residents,” added city advisor for culture Piribauer.

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This year’s program included 71 events, including outdoor film screenings, concerts, plays, plays, outings and city tours. The city is already planning to continue its summer of culture in 2022. Artists who wish to participate can register already. The series of events will take place around the same time as this year and last year.