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“What beast beats a calf?”: Police officers drive over a runaway cow

“What beast beats a calf?”: Police officers drive over a runaway cow

“What monster hits the calf?”
Police drive over a runaway cow

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A ten-month-old calf escaped near London on Friday evening. The police don't know what to do but run over the little cow. The owners and many other Britons are horrified, and the Home Secretary also intervenes. The police defend their actions.

In England, police officers drove their company car to an escaped cow in order to recapture it. A video of the incident has sparked outrage in Great Britain: the owners of ten-month-old Pu Lucy are calling for the police officers responsible for the incident to be sacked. The farmer's partner who owns the cow told Sky News: “It looks like they want to kill her.”

The video from Staines upon Thames, near London, shows how the police car violently rammed the cow, which weighs about 200 kilograms, from behind in a residential area. The animal slides several meters across the street, then gets up and continues running. The car then hits the cow again, which remains trapped under the car.

According to the cow's owners, the cow was not seriously injured despite the reckless police operation. British Home Secretary James Cleverly called for an “urgent explanation.” Officers' actions appear 'unnecessarily harsh' books Heat of famous British animal rights activist Chris Packham books In X: “What kind of beast beats the calf?”

'We hope she survives'

The police defended their actions. The cow ran across several streets on Friday evening. Callers reported that a car was damaged and that the animal ran toward people. After several attempts to arrest the animal failed over the course of hours, the decision was made to end the escape operation in a police car in the interest of public safety.

Her owners suspect that Beau Lucy escaped from her pasture across the river. The animal has calmed down since returning to the farm and is eating normally. “I don't know if she'll survive,” the farmer's partner said. “You could die from shock, but hopefully you will survive.”

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