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What Cupra Formentor Can Do With Abt . Tuning

What Cupra Formentor Can Do With Abt . Tuning

Many know Abt as a tuner to Audi models or as a team in a different racing series such as the DTM or Formula E. Abt Sportsline GmbH, headquartered in Kempten, was founded in 1991, but the beginnings go back to 1896, when Johann Baptiste Abbott made go-kart runners that Horse drawn in his assortment.

It’s not so cold on the Red Bull circuit that we need runners. That’s why it rains. We went to the racetrack to try out Abt Formentors – especially the VZ and VZ5.

In the case of the VZ, the performance was increased from 310 to 370 hp. First, you’re 100 km/h after 4.6 seconds (0.3 seconds faster than the standard VZ) and second, you’re driving enough on a racetrack like Red Bull (especially if the track is wet anyway). The Cupra accelerates quickly (especially if you select the appropriate Cupra position) and gently pushes towards the edge of the corner at the corner exit if you’re not too sensitive with the throttle.

VZ5 from the section

The acceleration on the Abt version of the VZ5 is more violent. With 390 horsepower, it’s not inherently lame. The Kempten squad generates another 60 hp from Audi’s five-cylinder with its performance package, so you get 450 hp. On the one hand, the thrust is impressive, of course, and at the same time the Cupra makes a nice clatter, but it does not get uncomfortably loud. You can accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds (3.9) and if you want, you can also get the maximum speed, which is standard at 250 km / h, and is fixed up to 270 km / h. But like the VZ, the powerful VZ5 is easy to control even in wet areas (we were wisely told not to turn the ESP off) and of course you benefit from the fact that power is transmitted to the road via all-wheel drive.

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The large carbon bucket seats, which cost approximately 3,000 euros extra, are also useful when driving on the racetrack.

The appearance of the visible monastery is also very subtle. Only the secret Abt tag on the back provides information about the increased performance. Which in the case of the VZ5 costs an additional 5,420 euros.

For the Cupra brand, Abt is currently limited to sportier rims and improved performance and chassis, but in the future there should be more areas where you want to lend a helping hand. In Austria, there should be 15 Cupra distributors for the corresponding special models of the Cupra. In principle, Abt tuning can be ordered at any Cupra dealer in Austria.