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What does the number “1” next to the voice message mean?

What does the number “1” next to the voice message mean?

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Some WhatsApp users see the number “1” next to voice messages. Behind that is a function that has been available for photos for a long time.

Kassel – Hardly a new job in WhatsApp The next innovation has already been introduced at the digital door. This also applies to the beta version of the popular messaging service. There has been a little “1” next to some voice messages for some time now. Also, when recording a voice message, this symbol appears: reports. What is it all about?

New symbol in WhatsApp: What does the number “1” next to the voice message mean?

Such as, among other things Reports, WhatsApp is planning to expand the so-called one-time view function to include voice messages. This means: Both photos and videos – and perhaps also voice messages in the future – that were sent in a WhatsApp chat will be deleted immediately after they have been viewed by the contact in question. The corresponding photos or videos can only be recalled once.

Anyone who places great importance on security and also sends sensitive content via WhatsApp can activate the one-time offer and thus protect their privacy. according to Blog WABetaInfo It also says that WhatsApp is now expanding this functionality to include voice messages. At the same time, it is also possible Use two WhatsApp accounts on one device only.

The new feature for WhatsApp voice messages should already be available for testing for some users. This is for everyone using beta versions for Android or for iOS. The following screenshot is from WABetaInfo It aims to clarify what is new:

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When you record a voice message, as shown here, a new one-time view icon appears in the chat bar. Anyone who clicks on this little icon, i.e. “1”, forwards the voice message in a way that the recipient cannot export it. The same applies to forwarding, saving and recording – these options are also not available. These voice messages are also marked with the number “1” in the chat itself By the way, there will soon be a new function for group chats on WhatsApp Give.

WhatsApp: How to record a one-time voice message

If you want to record and send voice messages on WhatsApp that can only be listened to once, proceed as follows: First, you must activate the hands-free mode. To do this, press and hold the microphone icon, followed by the swipe up.

There is a new function for some users in WhatsApp voice messages. (Avatar) © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/DPA

You can then select the small “1” that appears to the right of it. The message “Voice message is set to display once” will then be displayed. But be careful: of course, the small number icon can easily be pressed by mistake. The voice message has been sent, and the person you’re talking to may not expect any sound at all — and the sender can no longer listen to the voice message. This is also what the new functionality on WhatsApp brings. (Han)