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What is the advantage of Red Bull by breaking the rules?

What is the advantage of Red Bull by breaking the rules?

11:32 AM

Hamilton: It will be difficult to catch up with Red Bull

What was the advantage of Red Bull by breaking the budget line last year? Ask this question to Lewis Hamilton, among others in the sky” “The reality is that the break affected the result last year – but also this year,” he explains.

If you spend more money in 2021, you will have an advantage that will continue through the following seasons. “if [beim neuen Reglement 2022] It has progress, it is very difficult to bridge that gap,” explains Hamilton.

But how should Red Bull be punished for breaking the rules? “Everyone has an opinion on what should or should not happen but I don’t waste energy on it,” Hamilton said. But clearly there must be a penalty.

His fellow drivers see it that way, too.

3:33 pm

Good day to world champions!

Today, October 21, seems like a good day to become a world champion. The Formula 1 World Championship has been decided three times on this date: 1984, 1990 and 2007!

The first to arrive in 1984 was Niki Lauda, ​​who finished second in the season finale in Portugal to win the title by half a point over his McLaren teammate Alain Prost.

To this day the most difficult decision in the World Cup in the history of the first division!

He was also memorable six years later when he lost Proust again – this time after his collision. Prost and Ayrton Senna collided right after the start of the Japanese Grand Prix, giving Senna the title.

More on this in our photo gallery!

And seven years later, it was tight again: Kimi Raikkonen outpaced McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso by winning the final in Brazil.

The Finn won the title by one point over the two.

Photo gallery: 11 famous races where you don’t remember the winner

3:12 pm

Haas: Thanks to the new sponsor on the cost cap

Yesterday, Haas announced a new title sponsor. According to Gunther Steiner, this means that the team will be able to operate within the cost ceiling from 2023. So far, the budget has been well below the upper bound.

“Of course, large teams can spend more outside the cost cap,” emphasizes the team leader, which means, for example, the salaries of the three best-paid employees who do not fall under the cost cap.

Still, Steiner is optimistic and explains, “I think with this deal we are taking the step where we can fight for the podiums in a few years.” This goal is not yet realistic for next year.

But Haas doesn’t want to be stuck in the bottom ten forever.

2:33 pm

The end of the ADAC GT Masters season in Hockenheim!

Unfortunately, you won’t be driving Formula 1 in Germany this year either – but the ADAC GT Masters! The end of the big season will be taking place there this weekend at Hockenheimring.

Those who make last-minute decisions have the opportunity to be there right away – and back in time for Formula 1 in the evening, because the two races take place on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon.

Unlike Formula 1, the championship decision at ADAC GT Masters has yet to be made…

All information about the schedule, live broadcasts, TV, tickets and more can be found here!

2:25 pm

special helmet

Another special helmet design this weekend: This time Mick Schumacher was inspired by the family’s farm in the US and, among other things, immortalized his sister Gina on the helmet.

That sounds good!

12:15 pm

Screen: Formula 1 live on Sky!

Even late at night, there’s one thing that doesn’t change this weekend: At Sky you get all the sessions in Austin straight to your home!

Get the sports package now and experience Formula 1 racing without commercial breaks and other sports such as football, tennis or handball.

Report here!

12:10 pm

Albon is in the lead!

Speaking of Williams, Alexander Albon is ahead in Austin! Of course not on the track, because there was no driving at all. But at the Golf Challenge, which takes place in the ring this weekend.

The Williams driver hit the longest shot from the tee for the two participating drivers. This isn’t a huge surprise, though. Because Albon’s girlfriend is a professional golfer…

12:02 PM

Latifi: He did not sign the IndyCar contract

Last week there was speculation that Nicholas Latifi could switch to the IndyCar series after his exit from Formula 1. Even the contract already signed with Ganassi was partly reported.

“I didn’t sign anything,” the Canadian explains in the run-up to the USA Grand Prix. He found similar rumors during the week “fairly funny”. However, he doesn’t give the IndyCar chain an outright rejection.

“I talked to different teams on different series,” he reveals. However, there is still a lot of mystery, which is why nothing has been signed yet. But this is not one of his priorities at the moment.

“My main focus remains on ending the rest of the year in the best possible way and ending this chapter on a positive note with Williams,” he said. How it will proceed after that is currently still open.

11:45 AM

Over budget…

…of course Kevin Schoren and Christian Niemervall also spoke in their analysis of Media Day in Austin! The following topics were on the agenda:

Red Bulls “Capejet”: Decision on Friday?
– Haas: New sponsor title and Mick’s criticism
– Driver ad in Williams?
Leclerc’s penalty
– Formula 1 news short and compressed
– Porsche: buzz about sound quote

Also today – or tomorrow – there is of course again for all the night owls Live analysis for Friday in the United States. It starts at 3:30 AM!

So don’t forget the coffee 😉

Hill criticizes Mick Schumacher: Calculated days?

In addition to Damon Hill’s statements, we are dealing with the penalty emerging more clearly against Red Bull in the budget dispute. More Formula 1 videos

11:37 AM

No decision today

By the way: yesterday we already reported in the tape that Red Bull actually wanted to hold a press conference on this topic today. However, this has now been canceled.

Means: There will probably be no clarity today as to the question of what punishment the bulls can expect. You can find out more background information and why PK has been canceled here!

11:25 AM

Training day!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our F1 live stream. After yesterday’s media day in Austin, the cars will be on track for the first time today – albeit at a late hour.

Because of the time difference, FT1 won’t be up until 9:00 PM. Our time, the second training session until midnight. Until then, as always, we’ll provide you with all the important stories from the ring!

Robin Zimmermann It accompanies you in this phase again during the day. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can use our contact form. You can also find us at FacebookAnd the TwitterAnd the Instagram And the YoutubeAnd, if you have any questions, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #FragMST. here we are!

Here you can read our live tape from Thursday again!

Photos: F1: US Grand Prix (Austin) 2022

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