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What will happen in 2024?  We asked ChatGPT and Bard and Co

What will happen in 2024? We asked ChatGPT and Bard and Co

WIf not them then who? At the end of the year, when it comes to smart predictions for the New Year, artificial intelligence (AI) is of course in demand. These systems have witnessed an amazing boom in recent months and are said to have enormous capabilities. AI not only writes or translates texts, but also performs routine tasks. With the latest developments such as ChatGPT 4, AI can now justify statements, solve some problems, and even “think” abstractly.

It makes sense to let currently available AI systems take a look into the crystal ball of the future. How will 2024 develop, what awaits us, what problems will be solved, and where will new ones appear? We've tested Open AI's ChatGPT in free version 3.5 and in paid version 4. Competitors are Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing AI, both of which are free to use. Google will soon launch its next phase of development called Gemini. The system comes in different versions and works multimedia with different inputs. Some parts of Gemini are already in Google Bard.

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