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What's next with Naughty Dog?

What’s next with Naughty Dog?

The Last of Us’s pure multiplayer Battle Royale mode may be in the realm of the possible. – (C) Naughty dog, you

First of all: before that obedient dog A new video game is emerging that looks like it will last some time. But at least we can do more of it Anonymous I’ll see him soon, because the movie theatre begins in a few weeks. but also The Last of Us-TV-Serie. Latest US news It’s taking shape and it’s only a few months away from its first broadcast. What then

During the CES 2022 presentation, Naughty Dog co-chairman confirmed Neil Druckmannthat PlayStation Studio was working on “multiple game projects”. While discussing Uncharted and the HBO show The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s VP added, “And we really want to share with you many of the game projects we have in the pipeline at Naughty Dog.”

CES 2022 live broadcast from looks nerdy It was unfortunately blocked by YouTube in Austria, where it was also possible to see and hear Neil Druckmann’s statement in audio and video.

What games does Naughty Dog play with?

One of those different games is definitely a multiplayer component of The Last of Us 2, which will cover the studio in September 2021 Speak a little. After all, they have confirmed that they are working on “fractions 2”.

The rest is just speculation, because so far no official party has shared what many fans are hoping for: Uncharted, New Uncharted, or Our last 3. Perhaps Sony will decide to continue the two franchises, Uncharted and The Last of Us, in film and television and Naughty Dog is working on a new brand.

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