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WhatsApp: How to add a link to Messenger in your email signature

How can I manage contacts and phone numbers in WhatsApp?

The personal WhatsApp link in your email signature makes it easy to contact you and makes a big difference. This is how you build the WhatsApp link in the email signature.

Nowadays, a professional email signature often includes links to social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are for your business The WhatsApp Used, you may also want to add a WhatsApp link to your email signature. If the recipient of the mail taps or taps on it, the WhatsApp chat automatically opens and they can contact you directly via a message.

WhatsApp for Business And the normal WhatsApp Messenger also brings an interview function with them and forwards link requests via an API from the web browser to the messenger. The chat message is automatically opened there, even if the contacts have not yet exchanged phone numbers.

You can also automatically send the first message at the start of a WhatsApp chat that begins with an email signature. This way, you can immediately see that the new order is coming from the email signature.

Since you share your WhatsApp contact and private phone number publicly using the WhatsApp link in the email signature, you will likely only use the functionality with WhatsApp Business.

The following steps explain how you can include a WhatsApp link in your email signature.

the WhatsApp link function You can also use it to send messages to yourself and WhatsApp with her as a notepad to use.

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