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The discovery of an asteroid with a length of 70 meters – 0.03% chance of hitting Earth

“2022 AE1”
The discovery of an asteroid with a length of 70 meters – 0.03% chance of hitting Earth

Most likely, the asteroid 2022 AE1 will remain a full 6.4 million km from Earth (icon image)

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Scientists at the Mount Lemon Survey Observatory in Arizona have discovered a new asteroid. It was christened AE1 in 2022 and will likely fly a full 6.4 million km by July 2, 2023.

An asteroid named 2022 AE1 was discovered on January 6 of this year by the Mount Lemon Survey Observatory in Arizona, USA. The next day the discovery was officially confirmed by the responsible Minor Planet Center.

When such observations of an asteroid are reported, they are usually followed by accurate calculations of its orbit. After three days of observing 2022 AE1, a 0.03 percent chance of impact on Earth was calculated, Brazilian portal Olhar Digital reported, among other things.

Asteroid 2022 AE1 likely to stay far from Earth

Subsequent observations, along with previously acquired knowledge, made it possible to increase the accuracy of the calculations, and the probability of an impact increased to 0.067 percent.

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Most likely, 2022 AE1 will be a full 6.4 million kilometers from Earth on July 2, 2023. However, if it hits Earth, 2022 AE1 – whose range has been estimated to be about 70 meters – will explode with an energy similar to that of 21.5 million tons of dynamite. This would be the effect of just over 1,400 Hiroshima bombs exploding simultaneously, Olhar Digital summarizes. However, even if the impact does occur, it is most likely to occur in the sea area that covers nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Nothing to worry about

However, current calculations show, as NASA assessment “Der Spiegel” explains on its homepage, “that the possibility of a collision is highly unlikely and there is no cause for public concern or concern. It is very likely that the new telescopic observations will trigger a reclassification in Run level 0.”

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