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WhatsApp: “Standard message duration” – what’s behind it?


Did you find the “Default Message Duration” option on WhatsApp? We’ll tell you what’s behind it and how to activate it.

through options The WhatsApp While searching, you will have found the “Standard Message Duration” item at some point. What is this option about? It is closely related to the feature”Self-delete messages” together.

If you activate this in the chat, your messages will be deleted after a predetermined period of time. If you want to use the feature for everyone and not just specific conversations, the default message duration will start.

It states that messages in all new singles chats are always deleted after a certain period of time. This avoids having to manually set self-delete messages in each chat. We will show you step by step how to activate the default message duration.

Been completed! Messages in all new chats you open after the time period specified by default will now be deleted. Important: This does not affect existing chats.

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