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WhatsApp status is getting a new top feature

WhatsApp status is getting a new top feature

Messenger service fulfills a great desire of many users.

Similar to the stories on Instagram and Facebook, the status is now also enjoyed The WhatsApp
great popularity. This was not necessarily the case when it was first introduced. But now many users are taking advantage of this feature to keep their contacts up to date. WhatsApp status will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Protection from (embarrassing) moments

But once the status is published, it takes some time to delete it again. This is especially a problem if you notice immediately upon posting that you have made a mistake (typing), or that you used an image (embarrassing) that not every contact should see. In addition, in the midst of this moment, it may happen that you inadvertently post the status before it is actually completed. In such situations, many users wanted a quick way to undo the command. And that’s exactly what they should get now.

“Undo” button

was so WABetaInfo Discover the “Undo” button for the status function in the current WhatsApp betas for Android and iOS. This appears immediately after the status is posted. If the user presses the “Undo” button, the status disappears immediately. So you don’t have to switch to the Status tab to delete it. This saves you some time and you can be sure that no one has seen the status yet.

WhatsApp status is getting a new top feature

You can immediately delete the status using the “Undo” button.


when he was undoneThe button on the final WhatsApp version can’t be said yet. The beta version is currently only available for select beta users. And soon it should be activated for the entire beta program. The new feature will only be activated for all users if there are no other problems in this testing phase.

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