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Whatsapp: This is how you can better protect your privacy

Whatsapp: This is how you can better protect your privacy

Whatsapp: Your privacy is affected too – so now you can better protect it

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

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Whatever messenger services like The WhatsApp He uses it, he is also sometimes worried about his privacy. Depending on the setting, all contacts can know the last time the user was online.

Not everyone The WhatsAppConvenient users, and now there’s really good news for them.

Whatsapp: new privacy setting

As stated in the Whatsapp news blog, in the future Whatsapp users will be able to decide who can see the last time they were online.


This is WhatsApp:

  • The most popular instant messenger in the world
  • Install via App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)
  • If you don’t want to send emojis anymore, you can also send stickers or gifs to your friends
  • In the settings, you can set a regular backup date – so your data is always backed up
  • An update often brings new features or plugs security holes


The so-called “My contacts except …” function is offered. Early users can try it out.

To check if you are one of the lucky users, you have to open the privacy settings once. There is already the option under Data Protection to specify who can see the last time you were online.

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Most of them should have three options to choose from: “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”. Anyone who can actually use the new feature will find another dot there: “My contacts except…”


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Whatsapp: Pictures and professional information are also affected

So users can set the ability to see certain contacts when they were last online at any time, but other contacts are excluded from this function. However, if the user changes this setting, they will not be able to see the last time the relevant contact was online, explains.

In addition to the “last connection online” function, there should also be a similar setting for the profile picture and information in the future. However, there is no mutual setting for profile picture and information. If you want to hide your profile picture from some people, you don’t have to do without other people’s profile pictures. This applies to the “Last Connected” function. (Evo)