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When neutron stars collide: Kilonova traces discovered

When neutron stars collide: Kilonova traces discovered

There are some events in the universe whose impact we can hardly imagine Supernova. This explosion marks the end of the star’s life. Then he became one neutron star. Two neutron stars merge, one kilonovaoccupied astronomers for several years.

However, the event is slightly weaker than a supernova 1000 times with the power of a normal supernova. astronomers study GW170817which happened 2017 Already observed and classified as kilonova (I mentioned Futurezone). The collision is believed to have caused a massive shock wave that heated the surrounding material.

Sudden change in X-ray

this is “Kilonova’s twilight“(“Nachleuten”) can be in the form of X ray measured. Researchers have since done so. with the Chandra X-ray Telescope NASA is examining an aircraft moving at nearly the speed of light. to 2018 to early 2020 As the plane propagated, the X-rays slowed and shrunk.

In the March 2020 Presented by a team of astronomers from Northwestern University (USA)And the University of California Berkeley (USA) and the University of Jena (Germany) A change. The X-rays are no longer decreasing, but their radiance has remained constant. That provided the first hint that something else was emitting an X-ray there.

Black hole or kilonova

“That means that for the first time ever, we’re either going to Kilonova traces Observe or see what matter looks like after merging neutron stars into one Black hole falls,” says Joe Brightfrom the University of California, Berkeley in the current situation. The results of their observation were published in The Astrophysical Letters and can here to look at her.

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To distinguish between the two possibilities investigated by GW170817, X-ray and radio telescopes continue to monitor the area. If it’s a kilonova, the radiation should increase in the coming months and years upload. If it’s a black hole, then the radiation should be too stay as you areor yourself go down quicklyis she[called[تسمى