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Who do you allow to immigrate and who do you not allow?

Who do you allow to immigrate and who do you not allow?

It is now a rarity in the Austrian media, Swiss “Blake”. Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (37 years old, ÖVP) gave an interview: Migration and environmental issues, which also characterized the Austrian election campaign, were widely discussed, as well as Russia and the shift to the right in Europe.

“What defines democracy is diversity of opinions. In this regard, one should now simply acknowledge that a growing group within Europe is taking a different position on key issues such as migration, location policy, climate and energy policy, but also on the question of how much unification the EU needs.” The former ÖVP leader talks about right-wing political forces becoming stronger in Europe.

Asked briefly whether events such as the knife attack in Mannheim also play an important role in the gains of right-wing parties: “Issues like Mannheim are just consequences of this undesirable development. The crucial question is: who should you allow to emigrate and who should not Can you allow him to immigrate? An EU without internal borders cannot function in the long term unless there is effective protection of external borders.

The former chancellor believes that the options available for climate protection are limited: “I have the impression that people, in the context of fighting climate change, sometimes believe that Germany or Europe can save the whole world on their own, from energy to tax policy.” “Measures are being taken, which do not necessarily contribute to ensuring that it remains attractive for industrial companies to produce in Germany,” said the 37-year-old, who has now retired from politics.

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