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Who is the most popular on social media?

  • Jungle camp is now in full swing
  • But who will take the crown?
  • This is what it looks like on social media

Eleven celebrities are currently fighting for the jungle crown at a jungle camp in South Africa, and some of them have revealed some spicy secrets. Above all, the sympathy of the viewers is a key factor. We’ll just find out who will eventually win in a few days.

But by looking at social media subscribers, we can actually get an idea of ​​the most popular candidates.

Jungle Camp 2022: Ranking on Social Media

So who has the most followers on Instagram and Facebook for camp candidates? “” Compare the data. (As of January 2022).

Also interesting:

Anushka Renzi (57) is last. With less than 4000 followers, she has the smallest fan base on the internet.

Peter Altov (66) is 10th. About 7,000 people follow the former bodyguard.

“Prince Charming” star Manuel Flekinger came in at number nine with a following of nearly 10,000 followers.

Linda Nobat (27) has 43,000 followers and is at number eight.

Mother of two, Tina Rowland, 33, can have more than double the number of followers by her side. She ranked seventh with nearly 100,000 followers.

And this is surprising: influencer, TV face and jungle camp candidate Filip Pavlovic (28) has 115,000 subscribers and comes in only sixth place.

Which forest candidates have the most followers on their social media channels, You can find out in the video above.

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