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The InTaKT Festival is expanded this year –

The InTaKT Festival is expanded this year –


The InTaKT Inclusive Festival has been expanded to 19 days this year. The game is played in Graz and in many places in the regions of Styria. Sign language presentations are supported, with subtitles and audio descriptions.

In Graz, the program includes performances at the Opera, the Schauspielhaus, the Stolz Salon and the Graz Museum. The goal of festival directors Lena Hoelscher and Anja M. Volfahrt is about creating encounters between people with and without disabilities, where everyone has an equal role.

The opening will take place on November 10 with “The Beggar’s Opera” at the Graz Opera and will be performed by participants from LebensGroß-Theaterakademie, Georg Schütky and Planet Party Principle. Artists with and without disabilities create the show through their personal stories, giving thematic substance and humor. In addition, a discussion will be held on the question “Who owns the opera?” With opera director Ulrich Lenz, director Georg Schottky, Susanne Maurer-Aldrian from Leibniz Gross and people from politics and culture.

Translation of “Momo” by Michael Ende to today

The mezzanine theater shows “Momo” in the Graz Schauspielhaus. Inspired by Michael Ende, this dance theatre brings this piece into the present, where the topic of “stolen time” via mobile phones and computers is more relevant than ever. The Society of Accomplices is once again creating a play for children this year: “The Color-Blind Chameleon” about a chameleon who has difficulty recognizing colors and her friends, the hearing-impaired Florina the bat and the alfalfa monkey who cannot recognize colors. He speaks.

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And also out and about in the areas

Opera Graz’s family musical “Tom Sawyer” by Kurt Weill is included with an audio description and tactile tour before the performance. “Notes of a Blind Woman” by Quadrat Theater is a live radio play set in the dark. The film revolves around two women and is based on the experiences of people with visual impairments. InTaKT is touring Styria again this year: artist McBee plays the role of a circus impresario in “The Living Circus – Everything Pantomime!” Without speaking.

The scope of plain language programming is expanding and now covers all products, online and print content. Live sign language translations, audio descriptions, and subtitled videos have long been the norm here. The festival will be held from November 10 to 28 this year.