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Who qualifies for the main group?

Who qualifies for the main group?

There are still two rounds left to play in the regular season of the Bundesliga. So far, only league leaders Salzburg and No. 1 chaser Sturm are definitely in the Championship group. Six teams are competing for the remaining four places, with different marks.

LASK 34 points

Linzer currently ranks third in the standings with 34 points. In fact, Thomas Sajder's side still needs two points to be a certain place in the championship group. WAC still has a chance of overtaking Linzers by six points – if there is a tie, Wolfsbergers advances due to their two wins over Linzers. Remaining Linz programme: Altach and Salzburg

Austria Klagenfurt 33 points

Austria from Klagenfurt still needs three points to definitely be in the tournament group. The remaining program for coach Peter Pacholt's team is very difficult: Carinthians still has to survive against Salzburg and Rapid. One point is enough to not bypass Austria Vienna anymore.

TSV Hartberg 33 points

The same applies to Hartberger as it applies to Austria from Klagenfurt. The difference: Styria still faces WSG Tirol and Sturm. The Hartbergers have rarely had a tough time of late, especially against the Tyroleans.

Rapid Vienna 31 points

Three points for Hoteldorfer may not be enough to play in the championship group. Rapid will play at home against Lustenau and then against Austria Klagenfurt.

Wydad Casablanca, 29 points

Bitter for the WAC: Although Rapid and Asteria Klagenfurt are still playing against each other, there is a scenario where two wins are not enough. That's when Klagenfurt wins over Salzburg and Rapid gets six points. But what is more realistic is that Wydad Casablanca will drop to the Championship group with six points. To do this, Wolfsberger must first win against Sturm and then at home against Altach. If Rapid remain without a point and Austria do not score six, a win will be enough for Wydad.

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Austria Vienna 27 points

For Fener Austria, the calculation is simple: if the Violets want to have a chance of reaching the championship group, a mandatory six points must be obtained. But it is only sufficient if two of the following four scenarios occur:

  1. Austria Klagenfurt no longer registers
  2. Hartberg no longer scored
  3. The fast score only one point
  4. WAC scores a maximum of three points