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Manchester City wins the Champions League final against Inter Milan

Manchester City wins the Champions League final against Inter Milan

DrThis last enemy certainly didn’t hurt. At a signal from Polish referee Marciniak, the sky-blue players sprinted towards their fans. They all caught their breath a little earlier, with Inter Milan’s last chance in the sixth minute of extra time, but it was time to celebrate – something that by all accounts took a long time.

And it was fitting that there should be occasional semi-painful foreplay on Saturday evening. More than two-thirds of the season already over, even then there wasn’t much difference between what is generally believed to be the best football team on the planet and the third in Serie A, but then City kept finding the crucial gap.

Suddenly Rodri was able to shoot from the back and the Inter Milan defense department had nothing to do with his massive and accurate enough work. And because the goal in the 68th minute was the only one of the evening at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, despite the good chances of Inter, who were passionately directed by Simone Inzaghi, Pep Guardiola and even more so, Manchester City was still on target.

blue sky era

For what seemed like an eternity, perhaps the best coach in the world couldn’t get his hands on the pot, back in 2011 for the last time. But it took even longer for Manchester City and the owners from Abu Dhabi, who took charge of the club in 2008 and have since transformed it into the most glamorous but also the most controversial figure in world football with millions and millions.

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