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Who will be deported first?

Who will be deported first?

Tudor believes that shop owners are also open on Sundays, first, then taxi drivers.

Column by Todor Ovcharov

“If they deport you, I will come and visit you!” my friend Andreas says to me, laughing. I laugh too because I know Andreas is a clown. But it is not at all funny when a party leader says on television that deporting millions of people on the basis of nationality is not a bad idea. This was discussed at a meeting of right-wing extremists. This should also be discussed here.

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Who will be deported first? Shopkeepers are also open on Sunday! Where will you be able to buy minced meat if you realize on Sunday that you have no meat and really want to eat lasagna? To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, if there is no lasagna, you must eat the cake. Then the taxi driver who takes you to your favorite club on Saturday is deported. Then you have two choices: either not to go to the club or not to drink alcohol. Deporting taxi drivers will reduce alcohol consumption, which is a good thing.

After that, your elderly parent's caregiver will be deported. This initially causes difficulties, but can also have a positive effect: without care, the elderly will die earlier and the state will need less money for care and pensions. Then the doctor who performed your hemorrhoid surgery last week is deported. Then the plumber who unclogged the clogged sink. Then the sushi chef at the Asian restaurant next door. And finally Tudor, who writes this column for you.

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I don't know how you handle it, but if you can live with a clogged sink, no eldercare, and no lasagna on Sundays, you'll handle it too. My friend Andreas can come to visit me in Bulgaria or North Africa, where all the deportees will live. At least it's warmer there in January.