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Why do angle arms actually arise?  3 reasons you should know

Why do angle arms actually arise? 3 reasons you should know

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The average weight in Germany – regardless of gender – for people between the ages of 40 and 45 is 88.1 kg. According to the distribution of mass, the arm makes up about 66 percent of the body weight. About three percent of this is in the humerus. About 2.6 kilograms of pulling force acts on our arms due to gravity.

Connective tissues, muscles, and skin must be able to withstand this force. If they’re not strong enough, they dangle and swing on our arms — then slang for arm-waving. However, the following points show that gravity is not the only factor that can cause weak angles.

3 reasons for the occurrence of angle arms

Connective tissue becomes weaker

How strong and tense the connective tissue is always depends on the individual disposition. Some people have strong connective tissue that can easily keep up with drastic changes in body shape, while in others the connective tissue tears during the growth stages of adulthood.

But apart from the basic genetic requirements are: With age, all connective tissues weaken. with age less collagen manufacturer. Structural protein is used, for example, to build and repair connective tissue. The young collagen we still have in our old age is badly needed elsewhere – like our organs.

For many people, weak connective tissue means upper arms wrinkling and sagging flaps of skin can no longer stand up to gravity. with Regular exercises against arm-waving You can resist weak connective tissue to a certain extent.

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Strong weight loss

Anyone who loses a lot of weight and lets their excess fat stores melt away is doing something good for their body. However, over the years, the skin and the connective tissue between the skin and muscles sometimes get used to being stretched by fat cells. After a significant weight loss, the tissues will sometimes not be able to get used to the new measurement. There are hanging strips of skin where most of the fat has been reduced. In some people, the skin flap hangs from the abdomen, breasts, or thighs. Then others have the classic winking arms.

Weight gain during menopause

During menopause, the body needs much fewer calories than before. Then up to 400 fewer calories per day are required for basic bodily functions. Anyone who does not adapt his eating habits to new conditions with age will inevitably gain weight.

Depending on predisposition and gender, fat deposits are created. In women, these fatty deposits are particularly common in the hips, buttocks, and arms. While men tend to gain weight around their stomach and waist as they age, women sometimes develop waving arms. If you adjust your diet as you age, you can sometimes prevent or stop bad eating habits.