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Neurology – Michael Stengel leaves the Ritz Medical Center

Neurology – Michael Stengel leaves the Ritz Medical Center

Michael Stengel is busy at his practice in Vienna.

Michael Stengel

MIchael Stingl, a specialist in neurology, ended his service at the Weinviertel Medical Center in Retz after two years. Long covid is one of the reasons for the decision.

“I stopped at Retz because that was only my secondary location and I was increasingly busy in Vienna, which is why it didn’t pay off anymore,” explains the specialist when asked by NÖN. He’s sorry, because: “The Weinviertel Medical Center is a great thing, but in the end it was just too far for me.”

Stingl works full time in his doctor’s office at the Votivpark specialist center in Vienna’s 9th district (Alsergrund). At the end of 2020 he had the opportunity to open his second surgical site at the Weinviertel Medical Center and also to present his range of neurodiagnostics and treatment at Retz.

A neurologist specializing in multiple sclerosis, peripheral nerve disorders, strokes, and sleep disorders, among others. “Long Covid is of course still a problem, which is ultimately why I’m so busy in Vienna,” the doctor explains.

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