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Why does Covid save some people?  Researchers are baffled

Why does Covid save some people? Researchers are baffled

Although the time of masks and lockdowns is over: the coronavirus is still around and continues to generate new variants. So science is frantically searching for an answer to the question of why Covid saves some people.

This is the basis for vaccines and medicines to end future pandemics at an early stage.

In fact, even after several coronavirus waves and four years of virus activity, there are still people who do not become infected. Some people become infected with the virus but remain symptom-free.

British scientists now want to solve the mystery through study. They specifically infected 16 people with the coronavirus. What's special: None of the test subjects had ever had COVID or been vaccinated against it.

Indeed: This time too, the virus was unable to harm some study participants. Seven of them did not become infected, according to the study published in the journal Nature.

But why doesn't Covid make some people sick?

A specific gene appears to be responsible, which was found in high concentrations in all seven test subjects. The HLA-DQA2 gene appears to eliminate the virus efficiently. This means that symptoms do not appear and the PCR test does not work.

If people become infected regardless of the gene, the disease tends to be mild.

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