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Why doesn't the CDU stand against Steinmeier

Why doesn’t the CDU stand against Steinmeier

MIt is possible that the names will appear at some point. From a woman or even several women who participated in speaking in the federal presidential election on February 13 against one aiming for a second term Frank Walter Steinmeier to compete. Nothing is known yet. Instead, Steinmeier received support not only from his own party, the SPD, of which he is a dormant member, but also from the FDP, with delays from the Greens and finally from the Union on Wednesday. There is no opposition candidate from the majority parties in sight.

And the former foreign minister, who turned 66 just days ago, did not risk his early decision in May last year that he was seeking a second term. Realistically, he could not hope for any other important political position. Again the president or political retirement was the name of the alternative. With early application, it was clear that a president who was willing to stay would have to be fired from office with an opposing candidate or – more likely – a candidate. If the Federation had won the elections to the Bundestag and had a majority in the Federal Assembly, this could have happened.

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