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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

Capitol Storm: Biden sharply criticizes Trump

While the political assessment of the events surrounding the storming of the US Capitol continues, US President Joe Biden criticized his predecessor at a memorial event and held him responsible. There is a “web of lies” about the 2020 election, and no US president has ever attempted to “prevent a peaceful transition of power.” Donald Trump responded immediately.

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Trump’s online platform is set to launch in February

Trump’s media group wants to launch its long-promised online platform in February. The “Truth Social” app is expected to be available on February 21, according to the Apple App Store. It should have functions similar to those of Facebook’s software. Trump announced the creation of his own online network after being dismissed on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after last year’s Capitol storm.

Trump has announced that the new platform will be an alternative to established internet companies that he believes are biased against him and other conservative voices. According to Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the social network is currently being used by invited guests as it prepares for its public launch. Talaat Moustafa’s group did not initially respond to AFP’s request.

According to media reports, “Truth Social” is also planning to collaborate with conservative YouTube alternative “Rumble”, which is funded by German-American investor Peter Thiel. Rumble aims to provide video and live streaming services for Trump’s internet platform. Thiel recently brought former Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) aboard his investment firm.