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Why is NASA bringing dwarf squid into space

Why is NASA bringing dwarf squid into space

© Courtesy of Jamie S Foster

On the fifth of JuneFalcon 9Aerospace Corporation’s rocket SpaceX By Elon Musk, the ISS space station Arrive. Not only did this begin the twenty-second supply flight, but it also began a great study. because nall just, New solar panels and other equipment are also available 128 dwarf squid And the Thousands of tardigrades on board.

NASA He wants to determine how weightlessness affects squids and their microbes, and as a result, also affects humans.

Digestive system and immune system

Like humans, dwarf squids need their microbes for a healthy digestive and immune system, explains Jamie S Foster, scientific director of the so-called UMAMI study. Using the experiments, researchers around Foster now want to know how space travel affects the interaction between microbes and their hosts and what happens to astronauts when they’ve been in space for at least two years.

The goal of the research is to keep them healthy during long-term missions.

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