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Why might Putin become more dangerous after his re-election?

Why might Putin become more dangerous after his re-election?

The Press' Moscow correspondent in Pocast talks about the elections in Russia, people visiting Navalny's grave, and the fear that Putin may impose tougher laws after the election.

On Sunday evening around 8pm CET, what was already abundantly clear in advance should have become clear. Putin will be re-elected and then begin his fifth term in office. Ina Hartwich has been reporting from Moscow for years and describes the mood in the country, where 110 million people will be eligible to vote from tomorrow. Who is running alongside Putin, what can we expect from Putin after the election, and how high will his approval ratings be this time?

Is Putin disturbed?

There were a lot of people who dared to come to Alexei Navalny's funeral last Friday. For many, it was a sign that they were not alone and that “there are thousands of people who also think the same way.” To this day, many people visit his grave and place flowers there. There, too, people see other people, and that gives them hope, says Ina Hartwich.

a guest: Inna Hartwich, Moscow correspondent for The Press.
Hosted by: Anna Wallner, Head of Podcast
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