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Vatican: Francis does not want to be pope emeritus

Vatican: Francis does not want to be pope emeritus

This will be published by HarperCollins on March 19 under the title “Life – My Story in History” and will also appear in German. The film revolves around the story of Argentine Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, intertwined with major events in history, from Hiroshima to the epidemic.

The daily Corriere della Sera newspaper in Milan was the first newspaper to publish some excerpts from the book on Thursday, in which the head of the Roman Catholic Church tells a lot about his family, which immigrated from Piedmont in northern Italy to Argentina.

“Lifelong veterinary service”

“I believe that Petrin's position is for life, and therefore I do not see any conditions for resigning from the position. Things will change if a serious physical disability occurs. In this case, at the beginning of my papacy, I signed the letter of abdication deposited at the Secretariat of State.

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Pope Francis does not want to be called “pope emeritus.”

In this case, the pope said, “I will no longer call myself pope emeritus, but simply bishop emeritus of Rome, and I will move to the church of Santa Maria Maggiore to once again be confessor and give communion to the sick.”

Enjoys “great health”

However, he currently had no serious reasons to think about giving up. Perhaps someone has hoped over the years that sooner or later, perhaps after a hospital stay, I would make such an announcement (announcing resignation from his position, ed.), but this risk does not exist: Thank God, I am healthy. “God willing, there are still many projects to be achieved,” Francis said.

The Pope denied having differences with his predecessor, Benedict

The “controversy” surrounding Benedict XVI. “damaged”

“We decided together that it would be better for him not to live in isolation, as Benedict thought at first, but to meet people and participate in the life of the Church. Unfortunately, it was of little use, because the controversy over the past ten years has been ongoing and has caused harm.” With both of us.”

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