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Why so many children in the United States end up in intensive care units

The increase in the number of infections in the United States due to delta variability is leading to more and more severe disease in children. As German newspaper Weld ReportFor example, Little Rock Children’s Hospital, the capital of the US state of Arkansas, is currently treating 24 children with severe Govt-19 infections. Seven minors are in the intensive care unit and four must be ventilated. Not all of them are vaccinated.

It is true that the disease worsens with age, but it can also affect many young people. More and more children are basically infected with the virus, and similar cases occur – and end up in intensive care units in emergencies.

You can see this now in the United States. In the past week alone, 72,000 new infections have been detected in the United States, accounting for almost one-fifth of all reported cases – and significantly more than the current rate of infection (14 percent). This may be due to a much more aggressive delta variation than the proportion of children who are not vaccinated in adults. The vaccine, approved in the United States from the age of twelve, only helps to a limited extent because many patients are younger.

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