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America creates the Olympic world the way they want it to

In the medal table, China is currently ahead of the United States and Japan. Or not?

Of Lucas Bayer | 5:21 pm, August 4, 2021


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Chinese sprinter Pingtian Xu can only laugh about America’s medal table C (c) Imego Images / ZUMA Wire

They say the one who comes second is the one who loses first. It’s like a medal table at the Olympics. There, China leads the United States and Japan with 32 gold medals. The Americans collected more medals overall, but gold won everything. Although Lucas Wehidinger He asked for his bronze medal Three times bronze and one time gold.

America sees it differently. The United States tops the medal tally of the American media, from the Washington Post and the New York Times to the NBC. Why? Because 79 medals is more than the 70 medals of the Chinese. So the Americans go for one Her way Also, unlike the official IOC counting system, count based on the number of medals, not based on gold medals. There’s more, isn’t there?

I Official Medal Schedule On the other hand, countries like Qatar and Kosovo have two more gold medals than Austria, although our athletes have already won five medals. As of Wednesday, Austria was ranked 45th. According to the counting American system, even the 32nd place looks out.

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Contradictory and controversial

The American approach is not only controversial but also paradoxical. In a country that is highly efficient, only gold is actually counted. Second place is often disappointing. But to show the world that they are No. 1, the country is simply turning the medal table upside down. Political allies are welcome here as China is a direct parallel.

I Eternal Medal Table Coincidentally, the United States is undeniably number one in the Olympics. There are twice as many gold medals than the Germans in second place. Even in the US counting system, the table top has been preserved for decades. Austria is in 20th place, Mainly thanks to the many successful winter games.