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Why the horror gaming trend is happening in the US right now

The United States is one of the largest technology countries in the world. But how do Americans feel about all this? Which trends motivate you, and which one completely overwhelms you? This is what Marinela Potor reports – straight from the United States Basic thinking US update. This time, he talks about why the horror game Mundown is so crazy.

Halloween is probably one of the most popular “holidays” in the United States. So the whole month of October is under strange sign. Starting with decorating houses, going up to costume contests and airing horror movies in all theaters.

But this year a horror trend dominated the country: Mundon, Switzerland’s video game.

Mundown: Swiss horror is at its best

Anyone who knows a little bit about the video game scene will not be surprised that horror games are so popular around Halloween. Classic songs like “Dead Space” or “Resident Evil” are being played up and down this time.

But this year, American gamers especially like Mundaun, a scary video game from Switzerland. It was originally created by Swiss artist and developer Michel Ziegler. Mundown is a real place in the province of Grabonton, so the terrain of the game was inspired by Switzerland.

The landscape and above all, the video game stands out due to the design. The graphics are in pencil drawing style and are all done in sepia tones. These elements already give Mundaun a weird look, which stands out clearly from other current horror games.

Then there is the landscape, nowhere in Switzerland. Anyone familiar with movies like “The Wicker Man” (older version of 1973) and “Midsommar” will know how terrifying this landscape of the “quiet” village is.

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Pitchforks instead of high technology

In fact, the plot of the game is reminiscent of old horror movies. Mundown begins with a man who burned down a village and his grandson trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Players are attacked by straw monsters and can only defend themselves with weapons such as pitchforks. In this sense, Mundown is different from the latest version of Resident Evil Village, which has a similar scenario, but gamers can defend themselves with powerful weapons.

It is truly amazing that the simple world with the most powerful enemies and the most primitive weapons continues to exist in the United States. But for the same reason Mundaun confirms that old horror movies are sometimes worse than modern high-tech products.

Mundaun attacks the nerve of the period

This is the environment that creates the most terrifying feeling in a horror game. Because the zombies or ghosts you see are not as scary as a horrible situation that cannot be fully explained.

Also, the fact that you are not a superhero with super weapons makes it even more scary. The more time you play, the more intense this feeling will be.

It may also be reminiscent of some of the feelings of imprisonment surrounding infection and lockout. Or the design and idea may be different in a refreshing way.

After all, Mundown seems to have hit a nerve in the United States, making it the perfect horror game of the year. Mundaun is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch.

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