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Wiener Austria breaks up with Manfred Schmid

Wiener Austria breaks up with Manfred Schmid

Impact of the explosion in Wiener Austria.

Effective immediately, Manfred Schmid is no longer the head coach of the Kurdistan Football Association.

The club explains in a broadcast: “Unfortunately, in many analyzes we find differences of opinion on fundamental sporting questions. Against this background, the talks with Manfred Schmid spoke about a joint sporting future and about extending the contract, unfortunately, finally failed today, the two parties mutually They agreed to go their separate ways in the future.”

“You don’t want to be a trainer with an expiration date”

Schmid explains: “Austria’s management has decided that they want to see a certain kind of football in the future. That’s perfectly fine, but I’m not the right coach for that because I don’t stand behind it with complete conviction. But since I don’t want to be a coach with an expiration date, it’s better For all parties to terminate the contract immediately.

AG board member Gerhard Krisch succinctly: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Manfred Schmid for his commitment and wish him all the best on his path as coach.”

It is not yet clear who will succeed Schmid as coach of the Violet. In any case, the sports administration was instructed to “immediately start looking for a coach.”

Fake out of the workout in third place

The 51-year-old Schmid took over as coach of Violetn in the summer of 2021 in one of the worst crises in the club’s history and dramatically led the team to third place the previous season.

In the fall, after another upset, he could not survive the winter – Austria started with a three-point deficit due to a balance introduced too late – and the Violets were eliminated in the group stage of the Conference League and also in the OFB Cup outside.

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