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Wiesen Festival District: Opus is shown in Wiesen for the last time

Wiesen Festival District: Opus is shown in Wiesen for the last time

pastures. After nearly fifty years in the show business, Opus will be ending her career at the end of this year. As a farewell, the band is touring throughout Austria once again. Last Friday, Opus stopped at the festival site in Wiesen.

Austropop Legends

The party evening started at seven in the evening. Duo Brofaction and solo artist Naranayjana made many fans want more. Then came the first title of the evening: the cult band Minisex. Musicians surrounding front man Rudi Nemecic warmed up the atmosphere with songs like “Rudi gib Acht” and “Du kleine Spion”. Then “professor of rock” Reynolds Bilgerie stunned the audience with the song “Video Life”, “Some Girls are Ladies” and more.

Successful farewell

After nearly four hours of top music, the musicians from the much-anticipated Opus have finally taken to the stage. Fans got a two-hour rock music fireworks show. The band members hardly noticed around front men Herwig Rödeser and Ewald Pfleger’s five decades in the music business. With classics like “Live is Life” and “Flyin’ High” rocking the crowd as usual and celebrating a fan-fitting farewell in Wiesen.

Compliance with the 2G rule was checked at the entrance.
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