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Beatrice Egli hits hot notes with Florian Silberisen on new album

Beatrice Egli hits hot notes with Florian Silberisen on new album

Whether they are a couple, these rumors about Beatrice Egli and Florian Silberisen always bother successful stars, at least they say. But then they approached Egli’s new album “Balance” with a song that has it all.

“Only we know what happens between us tonight,” Beatrice Egli and Florian Silberisen sing in ecstatic tones. And: “Behind closed doors I may languish with you.” Lots of stuff for the rumor mill.

The 35-year-old Swiss Egli enjoys talking about it. “Fans can do everything, and they can also own imagination,” she told dpa. Questions about your relationship life are actually taboo in the interview. But for the song? “Speculation is there anyway, whether or not we’ll be singing together. So we thought we could play with it a little bit,” Egli says with a wink and laughs. No more info.

New team, more pop

For the current album, Egli worked with a new team. She finds her music more popular now, but also with quieter tones and other vocal colors, as she calls it. “It’s not your typical schlager, but don’t worry—it’s still me,” she says. “My vote is a schlager, I am a schlager and it will always be that way.When it comes to rhymes, sometimes words pop, but the beat of the album invites you to dance like never before.

Great sound remains clear with the new range. And, as in the previous tracks, there are songs for special occasions as well as several songs about hot nights of love: “Like No Other” is about women’s solidarity (“We’re All Sisters and We Stand Together”). “Among the Clouds” is a declaration of love for loved ones who have passed away.

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Egli lost two of her grandparents last year. “Something like that changes the view of the finite,” she says. “It gave me a boost of energy to live in the present moment.” “Balance”, the album’s title, is Eagley’s catchphrase. It’s always about finding balance — even if the song of the same name is about the exact opposite, which is losing your balance with your loved one.

Consciously focus on the positive

Laughter and a good mood are the hallmarks of the 35-year-old, who won the selection program from RTL “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” ten years ago. “The album contains a lot of imagination and dreams,” she says. “We actually have enough for the day.” She deliberately wanted to emphasize the positive. She reveals that she keeps gratitude books that she writes in every evening.

Egli is a fixture in the German show business, now also with its own show on TV. She is also a regular on Pass or Rate and has her own speaking podcast: “Egli Extrem”. In it celebrities meet to chat, decorated with an adrenaline rush. It has already shown that Egli can “extremely” climb the Matterhorn in 2021 and participate in mountain bike races.

But it is clear that the view of the limited one also made Egli thoughtful. For now, she’s completely focused on music, but she says, “It doesn’t always have to be like this.” In an interview about advertising for an insurance company, she described the music business as being very uncertain, so she invests money for later. “Music will always be an important part of my life, but it doesn’t always have to be in public.”

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