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Will users be added soon without a number?

Will users be added soon without a number?

from Oliver Jaeger
As reported by WABetaInfo’s Whatsapp blog, Meta has rolled out an update to the messaging service via the Google Play beta program. Whatsapp users should be able to give themselves additional usernames in the future. Along with these, they can be found within the app.

A new update is available for Whatsapp, which has been released through the Google Play Beta Program. This update brings the messaging service to version and is in development according to the WABetainfo blog – so no release for beta testers yet. It is not yet known when it will finally be released. Bloggers installed the update from the Google Play Store and found important and interesting details when examining the release.

Will it be possible to search Whatsapp users by username soon?

A new feature is currently in the works for Whatsapp that will allow users of the app to create an additional username that will add another layer of privacy to a phone number. WABetaInfo documents what the whole thing looks like with a screenshot from the Whatsapp settings. In addition, this new username does not have to match the name already visible to other users – a practice that has been on Twitter for a long time.

Create a Whatsapp username.
Source: WABetaInfo

Depending on what Meta has in mind, this update could lead to users of the app being able to be added as a contact by others, not just by phone number, but also by searching for that new username. This practice is common on other social networks.

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Since this feature is still under development, according to WABetaInfo, it is still too early to understand how usernames work on Whatsapp. They may allow users to communicate privately with companies, thus protecting their phone numbers, or their use could be broader, allowing private communication with each user, the blog writes. In future updates, the functionality to generate usernames for beta testers should then be rolled out.

Source: via WABetaInfo