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Wimbledon 2023 – Tony Nadal: “Federer and Nadal changed their sport more than Djokovic”

Wimbledon 2023 – Tony Nadal: “Federer and Nadal changed their sport more than Djokovic”

Toni Nadal stressed that it is not easy to determine the best player in tennis. “When it comes to ranking who’s the best, we have to set clear criteria, but they’re always a little open to opinions.”

But Nadal himself has a clear vision.

“Federer is the one who was able to play at a higher level and do things more difficult, Djokovic is the one who won more.” But if you “count all the matches that Rafael did not play due to injuries, then it is likely that he would have won more than the others.”


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In addition, the choice of caste puts his nephew at a disadvantage. “He always plays three Grand Slams on the surface he’s not good at and one outwardly he’s good at,” the 62-year-old confirmed.

35 Grand Slam titles for Nadal? yes if…

When asked if Rafael Nadal would have 35 Grand Slam titles if the Australian Open was played on clay, Uncle Tony bluntly replied: “Yes, of course.” However, with the selection of rubbers, one can control which player wins the number of big slams.

In general, he does not believe that there will be any innovations in this regard in the near future. “Sports officials are reluctant to make changes, because change always means taking a risk,” said Nadal.

But tennis has been transformed by its stars – more by Federer and Nadal than by Djokovic. The thesis that the Serb camp will of course see it very differently…

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