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Wimbledon: Elena Rybakina wins the final against Anas Jaber and makes history

Wimbledon: Elena Rybakina wins the final against Anas Jaber and makes history

“I was so nervous before and during the match. I’ve never really felt anything like this, so thank you for the support, it was unbelievable. It was an honor for me,” Elena Rybakina said after her coup.

“She deserves it and I hope to win next time,” Anas Jaber said as a fair loser.

Jaber, who was considered a minor candidate, put up the first prick in the third game with the second half to make it 2-1.


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Tunisian who She beat her good friend Tatiana Maria in the semi-finalswas dominant and advanced in the group after 32 minutes.

Jaber collapses after the beginning of a dream

Patrick Cohnen, the former quarter-finalist at Wimbledon, praised Sky: “I love her body language. She is completely there, fully involved in the match.”

But Rybakina replied. The Kazakh, ranked 23 in the world, opened the second half with a 1-0 break and then played her first match.

“Jaber’s energy level has gone down a bit. You don’t pull balls through anymore, you push them more,” Michael Stitch, who won the classic turf title in 1992, told Sky.

Rybakina depicts the end

The result: Rybakina won the second set and clearly has momentum on her side. While the 23-year-old is now “dominating the gatherings, Jaber is putting in less pressure and showing less aggressiveness,” said former champion Stitch’s analysis.

Rybakina also managed to take Jabeur’s first serve in the third set and lead 2-0.

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It was the initial decision.

In the seventh inning, the world number 23 was determined. Another one, took another break and then served the last house.

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