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Wimbledon, Final – Djokovic vs Kyrgios Showdown: A fiery game of emotions

Wimbledon, Final – Djokovic vs Kyrgios Showdown: A fiery game of emotions

Novak Djokovic vs. Nick Kyrgios, third-placed for No. 40, the cute ‘Joker’ against the unpredictable King Kyrgios: The Wimbledon final will be a duel of opposites.

Bromance? Novak Djokovic didn’t want to go that far after all. “I don’t know if we can really call it a male friendship, but our relationship has improved a lot,” the Serbian said of his Wimbledon final rival.

The Australian once ridiculed Djokovic for his “obsession with being likeable”. These cheerful gestures on the field, addressed to the crowd: “He wants to be like Roger (Federer, editor). That’s a shame.”

But since last January, everything has changed. Since Djokovic tried to enter Australia, Kyrgios’ hometown without a vaccination, he failed and fell into the crosshairs of criticism. At that time, Kyrgios jumped to his side in public. “Since then, we sometimes write personal messages to each other on Instagram,” he said.

The kind of “bromance” that Kyrgios claims to have discovered will be revealed on Sunday (3:00 PM Live PickerAt stake because there is a lot at stake for both.

Kyrgios himself no longer expects to reach the Grand Slam final, despite all his genius. “I don’t know how many more chances I will get,” Djokovic said after his semi-final victory over Britain’s Cameron Norrie.

Djokovic: Wimbledon last chance?

The US Open in New York (from the end of August), for example, would probably not be an option, Djokovic refuses to be vaccinated and therefore is not allowed into the country. Even in Australia at the start of 2023, the 35-year-old will certainly not be welcomed with open arms after this year’s court scene. Rafael Nadal rules at Roland Garros, who, despite his injury at Wimbledon, is far from satisfied.

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And so he leaves this sacred herb, which Djokovic has been the undisputed ruler over for years. He will grab the fourth title in a row on Sunday, the seventh in a row, which he will join with his young star Pete Sampras – and it will be just one victory behind record champion Federer. The great Swiss, whom Djokovic envied for popularity, Kyrgios (27) once said.

Djokovic: Kyrgios is ‘dangerous’

Undivided love like Federer or Nadal does not appeal to either, Djokovic and Kyrgios are alike. Both are polarizing, have large crowds of fans and performant opponents. However, opposites will collide.

Djokovic, who lost both previous matches in 2017, said the 15,000 spectators could look forward to the “emotional fireworks”.

Djokovic in the 32nd Grand Slam final: a record. “Kyrgios is playing for a big title for the first time,” said Djokovic, but all the players know he’s ‘dangerous, especially on the grass’: he’s very confident on this court and he seems to be in a much better state of mind than he is now. years ago.”

Kyrgios can also appear respectful

Exceptions: A week ago, Kyrgios insulted the referees and pushed his opponent Stefanos Tsitsipas into the light. It’s amazing how respectful he can be. When thinking about the performances of the “Big Three” Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, “King” Kyrgios has become very meek.

“We will never see a fighter like Rafa again, and we will never again see someone swinging his racket as easily as Roger. And maybe we will never again see someone who always wins and controls the match like Djokovic,” he said. For the chance of winning Wimbledon, he has to lose his respect and let the male friendship rest.

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