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Wind RWE awarded contract for offshore wind farm in US

FRANKFURT, Dec 08 – German utility RWE is ramping up its growth in the US. In an auction on Wednesday, the Essen-based company won a leasehold portion to build an offshore wind farm of up to 1.6 gigawatts for $157.7 million. “We have a clear goal to position RWE as one of the key players in offshore wind energy in the US, one of the most important strategic markets for expanding our portfolio,” said Sven Utermohlen, head of the renewables division’s offshore division. . Winning the bid increases RWE’s US offshore wind portfolio to approximately 4.6 GW, including the New York Bay lease acquired in February 2022, the group said.

In October, RWE acquired ConEdition’s green power division for $6.8 billion. With the deal, Germany’s largest power producer became the fourth-largest provider of renewable energies in the United States.

RWE awarded contract for offshore wind farm in US

Source: Reuters

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