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World Cup in USA: A win and second place for Tyrol’s toboggan ace

World Cup in USA: A win and second place for Tyrol’s toboggan ace

After the red-white-and-red toboggan show at the home World Cup last week, things continued on Whistler Hill. The race resumed, but Madeleine Egle from Rinn and Wolfgang Kindl from Natters were back on the podium.

24 years old Madeleine Egle, who won both races at Igls, showed his full potential in the race after a mixed practice and took the top spot after the second half time. Behind the Tyrolean, who was able to further extend her lead in the overall World Cup, Germans Julia Taubitz and Merle Fraubel finished second and third. “Lisa Schulte moved from twelfth to eighth with the sixth fastest time in the final, Hannah Brock finished 14th and Selina Eckley finished the race in 21st,” said the champion. Very happy and very satisfied.”

Wolfie on stage
In the men’s category, Felix Loch successfully countered the ÖRV men’s impressive quadruple victory the previous week. The two-time Olympic champion and six-time world singles champion, who raced to a new record half-time lead, showed no sign of weakness in the second run to claim his 50th World Cup victory. Germany is three hundredths behind Wolfgang teased Second place, as in the start at Igls. The Tyrolean, who started the race as a handicap with an injured hand, underlined his excellent qualities on the track with the best time in the second round. Jonas Müller from Vorarlberg finished the race as the second-best Austrian in sixth place, while Nico Kleirscher, who dominated the start of the season at the Igls with two wins, continued in seventh place. David Clairscher, who was in a promising position after the first run, had to get off his sled at the end of the 13th turn and was unable to finish 20th as a result.

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He did the right thing

“The increase in training is huge,” summed up the Natter toboggan hero. “At the start I struggled a lot with a hand injury, but unfortunately apart from the finish bend where I didn’t hit any runs, I found the right response on the track and I’m very satisfied with my performance. . It was clear that this won’t continue at the Igls last week, but the tracks where we as a whole team can focus again Will be back.”

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